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FORTRESS Pintu Baja Motif Kayu

Pintu Besi Baja Prime Single
Pintu Besi Baja Prime Single
Pintu Besi Baja Prime Single
Pintu Besi Baja Prime Single
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Specification of Pintu Besi Baja Prime Single

PRIME Single TYPE comes with panels that are mutually continuous and present the impression of luxury and elegance. The rhythmic pattern of the curve makes the door not only sturdy but also elegant and modern.

Using the Sanding base layer which keeps the Natural Wood Motif exposed. In addition to protecting the coating layer, the Sanding layer simultaneously smoothes the texture to enhance the look of the door.

Type Prime This single comes with natural wood color with several artistic panels that have their own aesthetic side. Coming up with a classic model with wood veins makes the door sturdy and luxurious and the house looks magnificent with wide doors. This type is commonly known as Mother and Son (Mom & Son).

FORTRESS is made of steel material that is strong, sturdy, durable and equipped with 13 modern features as an alternative alternative to conventional doors that combine the security and beauty of natural wood veins.

FORTRESS, Pintu Baja Motif Kayu

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JL. Raya Binong No 19

Curug - Lippo karawaci - Tangerang




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