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FORTRESS Pintu Baja Motif Kayu

Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12
Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12
Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12
Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12
Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12
Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12
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Specification of Pintu Besi Baja FORTRESS Single Type 12

Steel Door FORTRESS Type 12 is a House Door made of the main raw material Whole Steel Plate without connection. FORTRESS Steel Door is an alternative replacement for Conventional House Doors. FORTRESS presents a House Door that combines Security and Beauty in its products. As we all know that the main function of the door is Security.

FORTRESS Steel Door selects steel material as the main raw material for its manufacture because steel is the strongest material today. The nature of the steel material itself is strong, sturdy, and not easily affected by pests & weather making the door last longer than the door that uses other materials as raw material for its manufacture.

FORTRESS Type 12 Steel Door comes with a vertical line design that has the meaning of stability, strength and splendor. The use of this vertical line in the world of construction is commonly used in minimalist buildings because it can make a house look tall. This vertical line design results from a precise molding process that results in a door that is not only strong but also beautiful. The use of FORTRESS Steel Doors not only provides security to your home, but also gives beauty to the look of your home because of the design and color. No wonder the FORTRESS Steel PIntu is suitable for use in various housing concepts such as Mediterranean, minimalist, and modern.

FORTRESS Steel Door is a House Door that has a good security system because in addition to being made of the strongest material in the steel ie, FORTRESS also features security features such as 5 locking points such as safes, 4 hidden steel hinges, and peephole holes. FORTRESS treatments Steel doors are very easy because you only need to use a kanebo and if there is a dent, you don't need to worry because FORTRESS has Customer Service that is ready to calm the problems at the Door of Your House and a team of technicians who are ready to come home fix it.

FORTRESS Type 12 Steel Door comes in 2 color choices namely Wood Color & White Color which is suitable for use in your housing concept. FORTRESS also has a 2 Year Warranty if at any time there is damage to the door spare parts, we are ready to replace your spare parts with a new one. Not only that, we are also willing to replace your door with a new one if the damage is over reasonable.

FORTRESS, Wood Motif Steel Door

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