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FORTRESS Pintu Baja Motif Kayu

Prime Type Double Door 150 X 230

FORTRESS Prime Steel Door Type Double Door with a width of 150cm and a height of 230cm is a door of a house with 2 large doors which is a standard size in Indonesia. The presence of FORTRESS Type Prime Double Door makes the house look very grand, elegant and high because of the size of the door that is wide and high. FORTRESS Steel Door comes with a concept that combines security & beauty in each product. As is known steel is the strongest material at this time, so the age of use of the door will be stronger and longer lasting. In addition, FORTESS is also present as an alternative to conventional home doors to answer problems in conventional doors in general such as termites, shrinkage, curvature due to pests and weather. FORTRESS is sold in full sets so you don't have to bother looking for your door accessories.

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